Thursday, May 26, 2011


I think this is something that people have too many of.  This is actually a new realization, and it isn’t very easy to let go of some expectations that you’ve held on to for a long time.
I’ve recently learned that when I create a specific expectation of someone, just because it seems feasible in my head doesn’t necessarily mean that any other humans can live up to that.  So, in my not so distant past, I was trudging around in a constant state of disappointment in others.  I found that I was basing my emotions on this goofball fantasy imagination land.  For example:   if you loved me, you would A, then B, and then C, then … If all these didn’t happen exactly according to my neatly devised plan, then you must not love me. 
So, I’ve decided to try to let all of my expectations go.  Ok, not ALL… Like if I lean really far to the left, I expect to fall off of my chair… I’m holding on to the basic statistical-type… But if you say you want to be my friend, I will watch and learn what this means to you instead of expecting a specific behavior.
Life without disappointment is proving to be a wonderful thing.  I can open a book and get what the author is giving.  I can turn on the radio and hear whatever is playing.  And the best is that I can love someone for who and what they are.